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Sod Grass Installation in Boston

Installing new sod is a perfect solution to patchy and withered grass, and is a quicker and easier way to create a lush outdoor space than trying to spread grass seed and then wait for it to sprout. Professional sod installation Boston is also the best choice for ensuring that your new sod grows thick and healthy, and stays green and lush for many years to come.

​A homeowner or commercial property owner may assume they can install their own turf or sod, but this can be a mistake. Installing new sod grass is usually a lot more work than many people realize, and improper installation, or overlooking even a few important steps when rolling out new turf, can mean new grass that soon withers and becomes just as patchy as the old. Trust our landscapers at Boston Landscaping Services and give us a call!

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Not All Sod is the Same!

If you’re like many property owners, you might assume that all grass is alike. This isn’t true, as different varieties of grass will grow and thrive in different climates, and some will have a softer feel, while others will be stronger and more able to withstand foot traffic and other wear and tear.

When you search for "sod services near me" or "sod companies near me", choosing the right variety of sod or turf for your property is one reason to call on the best local sod companies in the Boston area when you’re ready to have new sod installed outside your home or commercial building

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Professional Boston Sod Companies Ensure You Choose The Right Type

Choosing sod grass starts with your climate; warmer areas are arid, humid, very sunny, and will have more mild winters, if they get any snowfall at all. Cooler regions will have less sunshine, less outdoor heat, and colder temperatures throughout the year. If you’re not sure if your area would be consider cooler or warmer, working with sod companies can help you choose the right turf variety for your climate.

Finding the right sod variety based on your climate is just the first step in choosing the best turf for your property. Homeowners often need help in choosing a type of grass that will be soft underfoot, for children and pets who play outdoors. An apartment complex may need turf that is stronger, so it can withstand wear and tear from utility carts, trash bins, and other equipment that is often wheeled over the lawn. Since not all sod grass is alike, this is why you need to work with a professional installer, to help you choose the best variety before it’s installed on your property.

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Sod Installation Cost Is Lower Than You Might Think

Homeowners and commercial property owners might hesitate to call a sod installation Boston area company because they assume new sod or turf will be very expensive. However, it can actually be cheaper to hire a sod installer than it is to put out seed, and just hope that grass grows properly. Grass seed is often eaten by bird and other pests before it takes root, and new grass is very difficult to grow without the right fertilizer, along with constant watering and feeding. You can easily waste the dollars you spend on grass seed, with few to little results when it comes to having a lush, green lawn.​

​Installing new sod grass can make this work quicker and easier overall. Since the turf has already taken root along the carpet or underside of the sod itself, it’s stronger and less likely to be damaged by birds, harsh weather, or foot traffic. You waste less money on sod, seed, water, and fertilizer when you choose strong sod grass that can be rolled out and installed on your property, than you do when you try to scatter grass seed and hope that it takes root


Is Sod Installation Near Me That Important? The Answer...

The right sod installation landscaping company will use quality turf grass that is grown locally, so that it’s not dried out or overly moist when it’s installed on your property. Buying sod grass from an online retailer or from a nursery that doesn’t grow its own sod can mean withered, wilted, dry, or overly moist turf that doesn’t take root and doesn’t thrive on your property.

For healthy, green grass that is ready for installation, with strong roots and thick blades that will fill out patchy areas of your lawn, or to create a lush landscape on your entire property, you only want to work with sod companies that have access to local sod and turf suppliers, with grass that is cut and rolled right before installation. This will ensure your new turf doesn’t die out as soon as it’s unrolled, and that it quickly takes root on your property’s soil.

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Affordable, Fast Installation for an Instantly Green & Lush Lawn!

If you’re still searching for sod grass in the greater Boston area, you’ve found the right company for all your residential and commercial sod and turf grass needs. We offer fast, friendly service, a no obligation quote, and the sod installation your property needs for instant beauty and curb appeal.

Not sure what type of sod or grass variety works for your property or area? Our trained professionals can help. We’ll also ensure you know everything that’s needed for you to take care of your new turf, so it easily takes root and grows into the lush, thick, healthy lawn your home or business needs.

Whatever the condition of your property, we’re here to help. We’ll ensure the soil is ready for new sod lawn installation, and will expertly cut and trim that sod around your current landscaping features or outbuildings. Our sod grass installation experts will also ensure that all footprints are raked away, and all wrinkles are smoothed and leveled before the job is complete. This will ensure your new sod looks its best while it takes root in the soil.



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Don’t struggle with patchy, brown areas of lawn any longer, and don’t waste money on grass seed that doesn’t grow or that gets eaten or washed away before it can take root. For professional sod installation Boston, call us today, so you can have a lush, green, healthy lawn in no time​. We also offer a variety of other landscaping services!

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