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Boston Landscaping Services is the king among lawn care companies, utilizing our great depth of lawn care experience to each and every project that we are part of. Whether you’re looking for a lawn repair service for a damaged lawn, sprinkler system installation, or a drip irrigation system, our team of highly trained specialists offer the best lawn care that Boston can offer, with unbeatable prices to match. When you choose to hire us, we don’t only do the groundwork in your garden. We’re also here to offer ongoing advice for any needs you may have, to provide the most complete package of any lawn maintenance company.

If you’re wondering, ‘What are the best lawn care companies near me?’, then we already have the answer.

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Sod Installation

Replanting and beautifying a lawn with sod installation creates a garden that will grow with you. Resodding a garden can breathe new life into a tired, parched, or lifeless space. It brings vitality to the garden and replaces important nutrients for sustained health and growth.

How much does sod cost? Well, the cost of sod cannot be measured in simple terms – if installed properly by Boston Landscaping Services, sod cost should be measured over decades as it continues to provide a lush lawn base and owners to avoid the cost of a lawn maintenance service.

Interested our sod services? Then call now for quotes on sod installation and receive up-to-date estimates on the price of sod.

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Hydro Seed

Hydroseeding is an incredible grass spray technology to lay a gorgeous green lawn that will bed in well last for a very long time. Hydroseeding is a technique whereby our experts spray grass seed, as well as hydromulch, a tacking agent, and fertilizer, to seed the lawn in a quick and cost-effective manner. This spray-on grass seed is a very flexible, speedy method of lawn seeding that is popular with both residential and commercial properties.

Hydroseeding cost varies depending on the size of lawn and coats required, though thanks to our own liquid grass seed, Boston Landscaping Services is able to keep costs down. This is a benefit that we pass on to our clients.

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Lawn Mowing Services

Here at Boston Landscaping Service, we like to offer the best lawn care service we possibly can and that includes mowing. Large residential and commercial properties require proper upkeep through professional mowing.

A well-mown lawn improves the appearance of the overall space, impressing visitors and offering a great play area for kids. Our lawn maintenance services are the best that Boston lawn care can provide.

Call Boston Landscaping Services today to find out more about our lawn mowing and get on our regular lawn care schedule. We're one of the most reliable lawn care services out there, guaranteed!


Lawn Aeration

Compacted soil can cause havoc to a lawn, cutting off its air supply and restricting the lawn’s ability to access the nutrients it needs to survive. If the problem persists, damage can force owners to replace the lawn sod.

However, if you tackle the issue in good time with professional help from Boston Landscaping Service, fresh lawn installation is not needed.

Lawn aeration opens up the soil and lets it breathe through the piercing or plugging of the lawn that opens up some much needed space.

In the coming weeks, you will see the regrowth of the lush lawn you once had, to be enjoyed once again. Call now to find out more about our aeration and other landscaping services and the best lawn care in Boston.

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Irrigation System Maintenance & Installation in Boston, MA

The irrigation system that a lawn employs can make or break its appearance. But the size, shape, and type of lawn you have all play a part in deciding on the best irrigation for you.

Boston Landscaping Services offer sustainable irrigation that ensures the correct water retention level without inundating your law. Likewise, we make sure that there is controlled water runoff so that the rest of the green space and any installations cannot be damaged. We can install drip and sprinkler irrigation systems to keep your lawn ticking over throughout those long summer days. Though the sprinkler system cost may at first seem prohibitive, for commercial sites in particular, they are extremely helpful to keep up the appearance of your lawn. To mitigate the cost of buying brand new sprinklers, we also offer a sprinkler system repair service to get your old sprinkler system up and running once more.

Stop searching for "Lawn care services near me" and call now to find out more about our fantastic irrigation services from the most effective lawn care service company in the area, Boston Landscaping Services.



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