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If you’re asking the question, ‘Who offers the best landscaping near me?’, or ‘Who are the best landscapers in my area? then we’ve got the answer. It’s Boston Landscaping Services.

Your garden should be a continuous source of pleasure for the home or commercial property. It should be a place of peace, where you can enjoy laying on the lush grass and admiring the many colors of the gorgeous flowers nearby. But all of this can take hard work so finding the right gardening services is vital. That’s why we offer our professional garden landscaping services, headed by a team of expert landscape designers, to do the hard work for you. We offer both commercial and residential landscaping to suit all needs. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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mulching services and landscaping in Boston

Mulching Services

Mulching is an effective method to reduce and control weed growth in your soil. By covering the soil in mulch the moisture is also retained, improving the fertility of the soil as well as its organic content. This is great for future planting! Our mulching services are an effective means to guard the health of flower beds. This is a very economical choice for protecting the wellbeing of your green space and can help to reduce other maintenance costs.

What does mulching in Boston cost? It often depends on the surface area and the difficulty of access for mulch delivery. If you have a property that needs mulching, we can help! Just give us a call or fill out the form with your project details, and we'll get right back to you.

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Interior / Exterior Plantings

As we provide the best landscape design in Boston, we offer both interior and exterior plantings to bring a fresh look to the inside and outside of your property. In constant communication with you, our team will guide and recommend on the best type of plants to keep and care for in the various areas of your home, ensuring that the plants chosen will blossom in their new environment. 

Exterior planting will take place where conditions are best suited to the plants, flowers, or trees you desire for the garden. We make sure that soil is rich in nutrients and there are no obstacles to block the sun. We like our plants to live long healthy lives, so we’re always keen to the best start for them.

landscaping and tree planting work in Boston
landscaper pruning trees and shrubs in Boston

Shrub & Tree Pruning

Occasional pruning is required for the continued health of most plants and trees, not to mention that it makes yard maintenance that bit easier!
When trees have disease or dead limbs, pruning is necessary to control the spread of disease or pests.

Other factors that make pruning necessary are if they’re damaging the health of other plants by casting a shadow over large areas, or simply if you want the tree to look a bit nicer!

Pruning lets you shape and mold trees to a point, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for longer. Pruning tends to take place when trees are dormant in the winter months, but depending on the urgency of the situation, they pruning can be offered year round.


Plant & Flower Bed Maintenance

We all need a bit of maintenance every now and again, right? To keep your garden in shipshape condition and your landscape plans looking brand new, regular bed maintenance is required. Boston Landscaping Services can help keep your flower beds healthy and clean so that your flowers continue to bloom unimpeded. 

The busiest times for bed maintenance are during fall and after winter, due to the amount of leaves, branches, and brush that drop to the ground during these periods. But for those clients who to keep a tidy garden regardless of the season, we offer bed maintenance services year round.

wheel barrel with flower bed maintenance tools in Boston

General Excavation​

Excavation and remodeling of your garden can dramatically change its appearance. Sculpting the land through excavation is used to either purely aesthetic reasons or as a way of implementing practical improvements. Our expert team can use excavation to redesign the layout of your garden or to improve drainage systems.

For commercial sites, excavation is frequently put to use for grading purposes, removing and relocating land depending on the landscaping design, as well as driveway paving and general site development.

For residential excavation, we offer a variety of services such as digging for small ponds or water hardscapes and land leveling for large gardens or other outdoor structures. 


Weed Control

The exemplary work of Boston Landscaping Services controls weeds that could otherwise gnarl up the garden and lawn with safe spray methods that do not harm the health of people, pets, or plant life. Our weed control measures make sure common weeds don't overrun your garden:

  • crabgrass
  • black nightshade
  • carpet weed
  • cheap grass
  • and more!

If you have weed or pest problems in your garden, give us a call right away!

perfect lawn free from weeds after our weed control landscaping in Boston


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These guys are seriously professionals in whatever they are doing for you, from cleaning up a fallen tree, resodding my lawn or general lawn maintenance, they are there when you need them"
- Brandon D.

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If you want the best landscape architect in Boston to implement and nurture your garden plans then Boston Landscaping Services are here to help. Feel free to contact us for landscaping quotes or about any questions you may have. We’re always happy to help.

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