Top 5 Outdoor Things to Do in Cambridge, MA

May 27, 2021

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There is no shortage of things to do in Cambridge, MA, both indoors and out! Outdoor activities in and around the city include lots of opportunities for relaxing as well as getting in some exercise. Check out these top 5 outdoor things to do in Cambridge, MA, that you can enjoy as early as this weekend.

1. The Charles River

cambridge ma charles river

The Charles River is one of the most visited outdoor attractions in Cambridge, MA. The reservation around the river covers some 950 acres and offers plenty of space for biking or jogging. There are also six swimming pools and 12 tennis courts for you to enjoy!

Whether you prefer to take out the canoe yourself or watch others enjoying some rowing, or want to get the kids out on their bikes, the Charles River is the place to be. For more information including restoration work, upcoming events, and where to park, visit the website

2. Charles Riverboat Company

cambridge ma charles riverboat company

If you love being outside but still prefer a bit of added shade and comfort, check out the Charles Riverboat Company! Offering sunset tours, sightseeing tours, and much more, you can enjoy the Charles River and the nearby skyline from the comfort of one of the company’s many luxury yachts.

The Charles Riverboat Company also offers special package deals for weddings, birthdays, and other events. For more information or to book your cruise, visit

3. Fresh Pond Reservation

fresh pond reservation in cambridge ma

The Fresh Pond Reservation is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy untouched nature as well as paved trails, perfect for bikes, skates, and strollers! The pond does not offer fishing or boating, but there are plenty of benches scattered around the path encircling it, for a lovely view of the water.

Across from the walk is Concord Avenue, offering shops, diners, and other local businesses you’re sure to love, and which provide a nice break when you’re ready to head indoors! For more information, visit the TripAdvisor page at

4. The Lawn on D

the lawn on the d cambridge ma

Located a short 15 minutes away in nearby Boston, the Lawn on D is a great place to hang out or catch a show. The area offers cornhole, ping-pong tables, giant swings, and much more. There are also food trucks scattered along the park so you can easily help yourself to a soda or snack!

The Lawn on D also offers planned events throughout the year. To find out more including directions and upcoming shows, visit

5. Harvard Square

cambridge ma harvard square

The historic center of Cambridge, Harvard Square offers a number of unique bookstores, coffee shops, boutiques, and much more. The square is an excellent place to walk around and stretch your legs while window shopping, or for when you need to stock up on the latest mystery novel or a unique piece for your home or closet! To visit the square, head to the intersection of Brattle Street, John F. Kennedy Street, and Massachusetts Avenue.

Boston Landscaping Services is proud to offer this list of outdoor things to do in Cambridge, MA, to our readers and hopefully you found some great options for your weekend plans! With so many great events and activities in and around the city, you don’t want to waste your weekend maintaining your landscaping at home or at your business. To ensure your property always looks stunning, rely on our experienced Cambridge landscaping contractors to get the job done right. To find out more or to schedule your FREE consultation, give us a call today.

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