The Only Boston Residential Landscaping Services You Need for Spring

Published on January 14, 2021

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Professional residential landscaping services in Boston ensure your property looks its best year after year, providing a welcoming outdoor space ready for relaxing and entertaining. The right landscaping services also ensure your lawn is healthy and strong, reducing bare spots and keeping grass green and lush.

If your property’s lawn struggles to thrive every year or you’re not sure how to add those gorgeous finishing touches you notice on nearby properties, check out this quick list of the top 5 residential landscaping services in Boston you need every spring. These services ensure your property looks its best and that your lawn and landscaping are a healthy, lush, and thriving year in and year out.

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1. Cleanup, the Foundation of Boston Residential Landscaping Services

Even if you rake leaves during the autumn months, Boston winters typically leave lots of debris on your lawn and landscaping including leaves, twigs, acorns and seeds, and litter that might blow onto your yard during winter storms. All the debris is both unsightly and unhealthy for lawns!

A full-service cleanup is the foundation of residential landscaping services in Boston, removing debris while also preparing perennials for springtime. Springtime cleanup also allows landscaping contractors to inspect your property’s lawn and landscaping features, noting if any plants need added care or if they might require outright replacing.

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2. Why Irrigation Is a Vital Boston Residential Landscaping Service

After cleanup, it’s vital that a Boston landscaping contractor check your property’s irrigation, including soil moisture levels and needed drainage. Various plant and grass species need certain hydration levels to thrive throughout the year; without needed hydration, or if the soil is overly moist, this can mean wilted lawns and struggling flowers, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Checking your property’s grade or slope as well as any installed irrigation system, such as sprinklers or French drains, ensures soil is healthy and hydrated but not overly damp. This vital residential landscaping service in Boston ensures your grass and flowers thrive throughout the year while you don’t waste water or risk overly damp soil.

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3. Choose Residential Lawn Care in Boston

Residential lawn care in Boston ensures a lush, green lawn throughout the year. Springtime lawn care is especially vital, as grass seed and sod often take root and grow best in the spring versus trying to thrive during harsh summertime weather.

In addition to needed seeding or sod installation, springtime residential lawn care for Boston properties can also include lawn cleanup and aerating, ensuring the soil is healthy and fertile. Springtime edging also ensures your lawn looks its best during spring weather and can make DIY edging and mowing easier throughout the year.

A thorough inspection of your lawn in springtime also allows a Boston landscaping contractor to note its overall condition. If your lawn is struggling to thrive, replacing that lawn with a heartier species might be recommended, for easier growth and a more attractive look on your property.

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4. Opt for Professional Mulch Delivery in Boston

An excellent way to ensure your property’s landscaping features thrive during summertime is to opt for professional mulch delivery in Boston! Mulch holds moisture and nutrients in the soil, protecting it from runoff and adding a layer or material between soil and scorching summertime heat and sun exposure.

Mulch also provides a stunning backdrop for landscaping and a beautiful contrast between your lawn and landscaping features. However, mulch is also heavy and cumbersome and difficult to spread safely around flowers and shrubs.

Professional mulch delivery for Boston properties means not having to manage the backbreaking labor of spreading that mulch yourself! You can also enjoy a precise installation, without mulch spilling onto your lawn or walkways when you have this material delivered and installed on your property.

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5. Choose Boston Tree Trimming Every Springtime

Regular Boston tree trimming services keep trees healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Trees use energy and nutrition to support all their branches, even dead ones, so pruning and trimming unwanted branches allows a tree to thrive.

Cutting overgrown branches also allows for more sunlight and fresh air around the tree trunk itself, also encouraging healthy tree growth. Trimming away overgrown branches also protects overhead wires and cables from the risk of damage, and means less risk of branches and other debris falling onto a home’s roof or a neighboring property!

Homeowners should never attempt their own tree trimming in Boston, as improper cutting methods bruise trees and can mean removing too many branches, so that the tree struggles to thrive. You might also end up with a very unsightly tree rather than one that provides a welcoming appearance on your property! To ensure proper cutting and help your trees to thrive, rely on professional Boston tree trimming services instead.

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Other Boston Residential Landscaping Services to Consider

While cleanup, irrigation, lawn care, mulch delivery, and tree trimming are the most vital residential landscaping services in Boston every spring, you might note a few added services that ensure a beautiful outdoor space. Professional landscape installation ensures you choose flowers and shrubs that thrive even in harsh Boston weather, and that your landscaping offers a manicured look you love.

You Don’t Need to Think Hard About Hardscaping!

Hardscaping is also vital for ensuring an attractive outdoor space. Landscaping refers to items that grow while hardscaping refers to items you might add to your lawn that don’t grow; borders, river rock, brick walkways, decorative fountains, and other such items are hardscaping.

Hardscape features offer lots of texture, color, and contrast around your property, helping your lawn and landscaping to stand out. Fountains can offer a bit of white noise, helping to drown out loud neighbors, while garden and flower bed borders help keep landscaping features and flowers hydrated properly.

A Boston landscape architect can also help plan your landscaping and hardscaping features, to create a stunning space you’ll love and that works for your needs in particular. For example, you might want a functional yet attractive walkway between your home and vegetable garden, and a landscaping contractor can install patio pavers as needed. Box hedges provide both privacy and security around your property,  and other residential landscaping services in Boston ensure your outdoor space is inviting and welcoming to you and your guests.

A Word from Our Team at Boston Landscaping Company

Boston Landscaping Services is proud to provide this shortlist of residential landscaping services in Boston you need every spring to our readers and we hope you found it helpful. If you’re ready to create a beautiful outdoor space, call us for stunning yet affordable landscaping for your Boston property. We provide a wide range of services sure to fit your needs and budget, and guarantee customer satisfaction with every project.

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