5 Vital Tree Services in Boston MA Every Property Owner Needs!

Mature and landscaping trees are a vital part of your property, as trees hold moisture in the soil, provide shade for grass and landscaping features, and create a welcoming outside environment. Trees also clean the air around them and create a stunning backdrop for your home or commercial structure. The right tree services in Boston MA ensure that your trees are always healthy and that your property looks its best as well.

If you’ve never hired the best arborists in MA for your property, you might note five vital tree services they provide and why they’re so important. This will ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your residential yard or commercial property in good condition and that those trees always look their best!

1. Planting New Trees on a Boston Property

Why opt for a professional Boston tree service to plant new trees on your property? One vital reason is that you don’t want to disturb underground power lines, sewer pipes, and other features on your property. It’s also difficult and even dangerous to excavate the soil needed to plant new trees on your own, and especially if you’ll be planting mature and oversized trees.

Professional tree services in Boston will also consider the space needed for healthy tree roots, and if those roots would pose a hazard to your home or business, a garage or other outbuilding, sewer pipes, and the like. He or she might suggest a better location than your chosen spot or suggest a different tree species with roots that won’t pose a danger to your property. ​

2. Tree Removal Services in Boston

It’s vital that you rely on professional tree removal in Boston for the same reasons you need to call a landscaping company for planting! Simply pulling up a tree, even if it’s dead and decaying, can mean tearing up underground wires and pipes or causing a dangerous cave-in. A tree removal service in Boston will also check if the tree is infested with termites or inhabited by squirrels, mice, and other animals, and note if those pests need exterminating before the tree is removed.

Professional tree services and removal also ensures that your property’s soil is protected during this process. The less disruption to the soil and the less soil removed with the tree, the less risk of damage to your property’s lawn and landscaping. You will also be able to spend less on soil replacement after tree removal services.

3. Tree Cutting Services in Boston

Tree trimming often seems like simple work; a homeowner might assume you simply climb a ladder, cut a branch, and watch it fall! However, note that branches don’t always fall where you expect; they can swing in one direction or another, or snap before cut through completely and cause property damage and serious injury to anyone in the vicinity.

Improper tree cutting and trimming also wounds branches and the tree itself so that it can become dry or otherwise damaged. It’s also easy to trim too many branches so that your property’s soil gets scorched in hot sunlight or so that the tree cannot absorb water from the air as it should. In every case, rely on professional tree cutting services in Boston so you know that tree and your property overall is safe and healthy.

4. Stump Removal Services

Professional stump removal services ensures that no underground features are disturbed during this process. A professional will also make quick work of pulling up a stump, perhaps cutting or grinding it a certain way so that it is removed easily, with minimal soil disturbance. He or she will also ensure that any wildlife using the stump for nesting or cover is relocated and that minimal amounts of soil are removed with the stump as well.

5. Brush Removal Service

Strong storms, heavy rains, high winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes all tend to result in lots of brush around your property, including branches that wind up on rooftops, over fences, on power lines, and in other such areas. While cleaning such brush might seem like a simple task, it’s best to leave this to professional tree services in Boston MA. ​

One reason for this is that it’s very easy to injure yourself when removing brush; tree branches are often sharp and can snap off as you move them, scratching your skin and potentially even causing eye injuries. Brush on rooftops and other elevated areas can also slide off at any time, risking injury to anyone on the ground below. It’s also dangerous to try to remove tree branches from live power lines, sharp fence posts, and other such areas.

Consider, too, that many professional Boston tree service companies work with recyclers in the area, ensuring that all collected wood is ground into sawdust or woodchips that are then resold or otherwise reused. Relying on a professional Boston tree service is then a more eco-friendly choice than simply tossing brush and other pieces into your everyday rubbish!

Bonus: Boston Arborists Keep Trees Healthy

While all these Boston tree services ensure that your property is always in good condition and that you make quick work of tree planting or removal, remember that it’s good to consult with a local landscaping company if a tree on your property seems unhealthy in any way. A particular tree might not be native to your area and will the struggle to thrive when exposed to local weather conditions, or your property’s soil might be overly dry or overly moist for that tree species. Replacing that tree with another, more suitable choice will ensure your property looks its best.

An arborist in Boston might also note if the tree is suffering from a certain disease, a pest infestation, damaged roots, and the like. He or she can then recommend a course of treatment for the tree so that it once again grows healthy and strong. Utilizing such professional tree services in Boston MA protects your investment in your property while also keeping every tree around your home or commercial business healthy and strong.

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